ARTEMIS /ˈär-tə-məs/
1. The Charming and Intelligent Leading Lady
2. The Sassy and Approachable Best Friend
3. The Fearless and Capable Captain of Adventure

Although NY is home, Artemis is currently living a new adventure in LA. In another lifetime, she balanced a professional life in medicine, technology, and education. Similarly, as a SAG-AFTRA actress, she is at home with various genres. You can currently see Artemis starring in Anchor Baby, a film touring domestically and internationally. She also leads in award-winning and distinguished films like Mothership (premiered on Lifetime Asia), The Sound That Remains (winner at the London Independent Film Awards), Mother Tongue (a selection at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival), and Clearance (winner of multiple film festival awards). Artemis is also no stranger to the silver screen, having recently worked opposite Angela Bassett on FOX 9-1-1.

Outside of acting, life is an adventure and her wanderlust has brought her to at least 35 countries (and counting) and countless spontaneous road trips across the country. Besides learning new languages and cultures, this jack-of-all-trades chameleon is also highly athletic with a love for constantly cultivating a wide-ranging skill set that includes endeavors like martial arts, weapons, rock climbing, marksmanship aerial skills, and scuba diving - skills that will enrich her abilities to tell stories.

≜"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light." -Y.B.