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Artemis Snow

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Artemis Snow is a filmmaker from New York, who is also based in Los Angeles. Her recent film, Summer Soundtrack, which she wrote, produced, and directed, has shown at prestigious film festivals such as the Academy Award ® Qualifying Cinequest Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival, the LA Femme Film Festival, and the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival.

Being a bridge of cultures, an artist with the wealth of other professional lifetimes, and a passionate world traveler with diverse interests in movement and beyond, Artemis' experiences have molded in her into an artist who is both strong in identity and versatile in craft. Her adventures and growth inform and enrich her ability to tell stories.

Artemis is currently in writing development on her next project and also looks forward to be co-producing with Emily Ting on Alyce Tzue's upcoming live action project, "The Fortune Teller."

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