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/ˈär-tə-məs ˈsnō/

1. Artist

2. Athlete

3. Adventurer

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Artemis Snow is a diverse SAG-AFTRA actor, voice over artist, and athlete.

Calling NY and LA home, her work can be found in international award-winning projects. A bridge of cultures with the wealth of other professional lifetimes and world travel, her languages and strong athletic background enrich her ability to tell stories.

"I live a full life so I can tell fulfilling stories"

Artemis’ work can be seen in starring roles at Academy Award ® Qualifying film festivals - she leads in Mother’s Tongue and Tarot, official selections at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, in Summer Soundtrack, which screened at Cinequest, and played a role in Top Dog, which won Best Series at the Nashville Film Festival. She also headlines in other distinguished projects like Anchor Baby, a film that toured internationally including at the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Mothership (Lifetime), The Sound That Remains (London Independent Film Awards), and Clearance (IMDB Qualifying Accolade Global Film Competition). She is active in other facets of filmmaking behind the camera as well and brings this valued aspect of understanding into her collaborations.


You can hear Artemis' versatile voice bring Elisa Lam's words to life on Netflix's #1 hit series, The Vanishing at Cecil Hotel, directed by Emmy award winner Joe Berlinger. She performs gaming characters like Huan Daiyu on Bethesda's Starfield and Lin on Hypergryph's Arknights. Her multifaceted voice appears in other prestigious projects like Oscar Nominee Disney Pixar's Turning Red and Netflix's The Monkey King and for clients such as the United Nations, Disney's Marvel, Universal Studios, CBS, and HBO.

Outside of acting, life is an adventure and wanderlust has brought the avid traveler so far to 43 countries.  Multilingual, Artemis speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and some French and Korean.  She is also an athlete with a love for constantly cultivating a wide-ranging skill set that includes pursuits like martial artsweaponsaerial silksrock climbing, marksmanship, and scuba diving. In another lifetime, she balanced a professional life in medicine, technology, and non-profit project management and still continues her entrepreneurial pursuits. Artemis supports any issue that adds light, love, and oneness to this world especially in areas of philanthropic endeavors, environmental sustainability, and female empowerment. 

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